Katja Beckman Ojala

Artist statement

I am inspired by the sublime qualities of nature that come when things are formed over a very long time. I draw inspiration from the collision and confluence of forms in nature, such as rock formations, moss and deep sea landscapes. 

Coming from the classic school of weaving, I’m interested in challenging and broadening the spectrum of weaving. I insert the process of weaving in an innovative way. I introduce alien materials together with classical yarns to create textile sculptures.

The human body is a part of the work, as the size and the perception of the viewer's own body is called into play, it is not just visual, but a tactile experience for the whole body.

My works are subtle, despite their strong colors, they do not scream for attention. They are not in a rush, all they have is time, and patiently they wait to be gazed upon, for someone to go in and explore the different surfaces, to allow themselves to get lost. 

Silence is a language only the one who takes the time to listen can understand.

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